Hello everyone! I thought for todays blog I would share some ways to make the most out of your summer, most of our university students are now finished for the summer and soon you A-Level students will be ready to get out in the sunshine… that we will hopefully have. You might have holidays planned, maybe you are going to a festival or maybe you are just staying home for the summer which will be fun as well. If you are staying home for the summer I thought I could share a few things to make the most out of the time you have.

Firstly I would suggest you set yourself some goals, whether they are fitness goals or just personal goals. For example I have a couple of goals for this summer, the first one is to read more books because I love sitting out in the sun and reading a book and I just don’t give myself time to do that or I just go on my phone instead, but this summer I want to put my phone down and give myself time to sit in the sun, relax and read a book. My second goal is to run more, my mum and I are aiming to do a half marathon and a marathon over the next couple years so I know I need to start training. This will again get me outside and enjoying the scenery around me.

I would also highly recommend making the most of the time and either getting work experience or just working a part time job. This is a great opportunity to save up some money for when you do go to university, but also it is a great time to gain some experience in the sector you may want to work in, in the future. For example during my summers I work with my local Youth Commission, looking after and doing activities with children. This is great experience for me and I can also earn money whilst doing it. Although I would say don’t overwork yourself too much because you want to be able to enjoy your summer with your friends before going to university.

Thank you of reading and hope you all enjoy your summer and make the most of it. 

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