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As the majority of you already know which university you’re going to, I thought it may be best to talk about move in day and what you do.

Firstly,  you’ll get given a specific slot of what time you should come to the University. This is staggered and majority of the time it will correspond with your surname and go alphabetically like so. After you find out your time, I would try to arrive around 15 minutes before because you’ll need to find where you get your keys. If you’re coming to Edge Hill, there are loads of sign posts and people around to help you when you move in, in September.

Once you get to the University, you’ll need to be enrolled and then given your keys, in addition to your ID card. Prior to this, in a form online, you’ll most likely get an option to take a picture online or just do it when you get there. Because there’s so many students enrolling, I recommend that you complete it online.

Once you have everything to be enrolled with, you can then go and collect your belongings and start moving into the halls of residence you’ve been allocated to. From this time, you’re allocated around 2 hours maximum to remove all your belongings and move in so that the car park doesn’t overflow. However, don’t panic too much as this doesn’t usually happen, just take your time and try not to rush as you’re basically moving away from home, which can be hard.

Depending on what your surname is, you won’t necessarily know whether you’ll be the first, second or last person into your flat. But, at this point in time,  I recommend just trying to move everything out of your car/van first before unpacking it. I remember on my move in day, I brought everything to my flat, left my door open, and unpacked most of my things the next day so that I could interact with my flatmates.

Once you’ve settled in, it will come to a time to say ‘bye’ to your parent(s). If you’re like me and live far away from home, it will be hard, but just try and keep yourself busy for the first few days and hopefully the home sickness will go down.

I hope this advice on what happens on move in day has helped. If you need any more advice or have ay questions, just drop them down below.

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