Semester 2 review

Hello again,

As I did a review of my first semester doing Educational psychology I thought it would be good to do a follow up about my second semester.

Assessment wise this semester I have had an essay and an exam for my Introduction to Personality, Social and Developmental Psychology. The essay was just 1500 words and the exam was multiple choice. We are very lucky in the psychology department in the fact that they gave as much support for the essay as they could and prepped us with plenty of information for the exam.

This semester I also did a partnered presentation for my Educational psychology module where I also did a essay based exam. We also did a group presentation for essential skills and an employability booklet which really helps to prepare you for working life. For my investigation psychology module we carried on with Web Based Assessments which I find useful to do with friends as its good to discuss. We also did another Lab Report which was good to be able to use the feedback from last semester.

In terms of extra curricular for me, with a number of other students this semester we were able to start up a psychology society in which we had a few events including Alan Baddeley doing a talk in our new building, which I blogged about earlier in the semester. We also had other events including socials with a number of different themes. This was nice to be able to mix with a variety of different psychology students in different years. I have also continued to go to Hillstart the dance society, and I am even going to be performing in their show at the start of June. Its really nice to join societies outside your subject so that you can meet different people.

After reflecting on this year I have a few goals for next year, one of them being that I want to get out a bit more for example I would like to go and explore Southport more. I would I also like to try and join a sports society if I can as I am part of other societies like the psychology society.

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