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The majority of you now will be in exam season, prepping hard wanting to get into the University of your choice. Within this time, it may be difficult wondering what to expect at University and how to cope. From my personal experience completing first year, this will be what is in store for you when you move to a University.

Firstly, depending on whether you’ve chosen halls of residence for accommodation, you’ll move in straight away in September. This will be blocked out and staggered so you could be the first or last person to move into your flat. My advice is when you move in, to keep your door open so it will be more inviting not only for you but also your new flat mates.

When going to a new place its always good to try and figure out your bearings. This means trying to find the buildings you’ll be going to for lectures and seminars and also any hang out spots that you think would be perfect for you and your friends. Also, try to go into town and get used to transport. Luckily, at Edge Hill we have the Edge Link Bus to help us get into town which takes 5 minutes.

You’ll also be introduced to new things you haven’t necessarily experienced before. As an example, you can go and explore a variety of societies. There’s bound to be a few that catch your eye as there are over 60 societies available to students. This can range anything from Go Karting to Dance. Also there are so many trips to go on throughout the year so try to sign up to as many as possible. This will get you outside and give you a break from lectures and possibly make more friends too. You can find a list of the societies here:

Clubs and Societies

This is only a short list of what to expect when you move to University, but there are more things too. If you would like to know more, just drop me a comment down below and I would be more than happy to answer your questions.

I hope this has helped!

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