Motivational Wednesday

Hi guys,

I thought today as most of you are fast approaching your (sorry I have to say it) exams, or maybe you’ve already started them, I’d give you some motivation to keep going. You may be starting to get a bit sick and tired of the revision you’re doing, maybe you feel like you are ready to get your exams done and you will get through them in time, I currently have just over a week till my exams are over so I am starting to feel like I just want to get them done which can make it difficult to keep working through to the end. I thought today I would share some ways to stay motivated.

  1. Change up your revision up a bit- linking back to my last blog post there is a number of ways that you can revise to ensure that it doesn’t get boring, from doing past papers to watching youtube videos it all helps. So if you are always revising in the same ways then try something different to keep yourself engaged.
  2. Think about the end result- if you keep working hard then you will reach your goals easier. If thats going to university, which you need grades for, you want to ensure you get them so just keep powering through. My mum would always tell me to keep thinking about the reward at the end, and you definitely don’t want to miss out on the great experience of coming to university. 
  3. Lastly the long summer- now people tell you this but you never think about it at the time but make the most of the long summer, and think about that as you are getting through your last bits of revision and exams. In my opinion it will probably be one of the longest summers you get and such a good summer cause you will have nothing to think about, and you will have the excitement and anticipation of going to university alongside. If that doesn’t get you through your revision I don’t know what will.

Thank you for reading, and good luck, sending you all motivation to get through. 

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