Tips for a stress free dissertation

Hi everyone,

My third year dissertation is due in at the end of this week and thankfully it is pretty much done I am just editing a few bits here and there!

Open day
Open day

I didn’t really see any dissertation advice this time last year when I was thinking of a topic to write on so I thought that today I would let you guys know what’s really helped me with dissertation to make it as stress free as possible!

1. Meet your tutor

Every student doing a dissertation will be assigned a supervisor for the project. You have to have six meetings at least but your tutor will always be on hand to answer any questions you may have regarding your dissertation. Even if it is a question you might think is stupid – they are there to support you through this project and make sure that you achieve he best mark possible.

2. Make a Plan

Planning out your dissertation as early on as possible will give you the advantage of knowing exactly what research you will be doing and then how you can plan getting your research as well as analysing it.  Similar to the last point, send plans to your supervisor and they could suggest things that you may have missed out on so try to do everything you can to improve your grade!

3. The most important thing I would suggest is to plan your time wisely and evaluate how long you will need to formulate your dissertation. My supervisor set me deadlines for each chapter of my dissertation and that really helped with managing my time and making sure I was on track to finish in a good amount of time. The more use you make of your time will guarantee less stress on the run up to deadline day

I hope these tips helped!

Ellie 🙂

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