Living Away From Home

Coming to Edge Hill was one of the best decisions I’ve made as I knew I wanted to go to University to study a degree in media. However, this meant I had to come and live away from home, much like most students. But it can be more stressful for me personally, as my home is 4 hours away whereas most students here are only 1-hour max. This was probably the most difficult situation I have been in since starting university, although, I have gotten used to being more independent and coping from living away.

I do realise some of you hoping to come to Edge Hill for Uni may be living quite a long way from home too, so here are some helpful tips for coping with living away.

Make Time

Making time to talk to your friends and family over face time, phone calls or even just texting can help you cope with being away. I try to ring my family twice a week and I message my friends quite a bit since my time at Uni begun.

Weekends Back at Home

If you’re lucky enough that your timetable falls for a long weekend (Friday-Monday) try and book some train tickets to go home. If you’re like me, make sure to buy your tickets in advance as they’ll be quite cheap. Also, try and buy yourself a train card or coach card, this will mean you can get 1/3 off your travel.

Bring Home Comforts

Making your new room at Uni uniquely you by bringing a few home comforts such as: photos of friends and family, pillows, blankets etc. Also, this gives you a chance to make the space as colourful as you’d like.

Home Traditions

When you come to University, you’ll make lots of new friends and probably stick to certain people you get along with. With these people make some traditions you would normally do at home such as a film night, fajita night etc. One that me and my friends do is go to Wetherspoons in the town centre for a meal out every week. If we fail to do that, we all come together and cook and watch a film which is quite nice.

Overall, if you’re feeling a little overwhelmed with coming to Uni, just remember everyone goes through the stress of living away from parents and being independent, but, it will help with coming into your own person.

I hope this has helped many of you, and if you have any questions please drop a comment down below.

Ellis x

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