Coming back to uni after Easter!

Hi everyone, hope you’re well and have had peaceful and chilled Easter holiday with your family and friends and taken this as a time to reflect on your studies, work or just have a nice break!

For me, I went back home for 3 weeks, and spent my holiday working at the guesthouse I work in, going to the local library back home where I mostly did essay writing and catching up with friends and family in the evenings! I know some people decided to stay at uni during the Easter break to get work done, and after that will be returning home when all exams and deadlines have been completed!                                                                                                                                              But for me, I knew I would be able to get work done while at home and had family commitments planned, like my cousins 18th and a planned trip to the pub with some college friends. I kept myself very busy during the holidays, and it didn’t really feel like a rest or break for me!                                                                      It’s more peaceful coming back to uni and having my own space again, but it is quite funny returning after such a nice few weeks with my family and friends.  I came back home on Sunday with my dad, taking 3 trains from Buxton to Manchester, Manchester to Liverpool Lime and Liverpool central to Ormskirk, which I’m very glad my dad came back with me to help carry all my bags! My uncle picked me up in his car when I went back to Buxton, so I was able to take all my uni books and clothes with me without having to worry about carrying lots of bags through Liverpool! I have been back here for a few days now and I have to say, I have really missed being at uni but I also do miss things from home! I certainly miss not having to worry about doing my laundry or doing the food shop, and also having my family around me to talk and spend time with them. I am back at uni for about a month now but have just been very busy finishing off deadlines in for this week, but after these assignments, that is first year done for me!

I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s blog and it has given you an insight into what I got up to this Easter holiday and being back at uni! Please comment if you have any questions,                                                                                                                              Alice 🙂

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