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I thought that I would talk a little about the UniSkills Learning Services, an online tool that Edge Hill University provide to help develop your academic skills.

What exactly is UniSkills?

UniSkills is a “package of workshops, online resources and face to face support to help you develop a range of essential academic skills to enable you to produce high quality University assignments.”

It does not matter what level of study you are doing or what course you study, UniSkills has something on offer to help you through the ups and downs of academic assignment writing.

What does the UniSkills website offer?

There are so many workshops and helpful tools that UniSkills can offer you. As you can see from the picture below, you are not short of options;

Take the Time Management tab for example, there are guides available to look at from the website and templates you can download to help manage your time when studying or writing an assignment.

One template that I found very useful was the ‘Priority Graph Template’ as it allowed me to sort out what work I really needed to get done and what pieces of work do not require immediate attention.

The academic writing tab is also full of helpful resources in order to help you develop your academic skills. It offers online toolkits, workshops and guides that are all really well structured and easy to follow.

My Experience with UniSkills

When I first began to write my assignments at the start of first year, I had no idea that there was a difference between academic writing and the writing I was using to write essays in 6th form. Boy, was I wrong.

Luckily, I had UniSkills to help me get a start on what standard my assignments should be by using the multiple tools online such as; proofreading, referencing (really helpful), online submissions and finding resources such as articles and books.

Later on in the year, I wanted to improve the quality of my academic writing and so, I decided to check out the 1-to-1 appointments that the UniSkills team provided. I booked an appointment through the website, being able to select what time I could be available and within a week I was sitting in the Catalyst building picking apart what I needed to do to improve my writing with a highly skilled member of the UniSkills team.

I really find the UniSkills website useful, especially when I need help managing my time or planning my assignments.

UniSkills is not only an online resource, the team often do workshops on Harvard Referencing, proofreading and exam preparation which is so useful for Edge Hill students off or on campus.

I really hope you found this useful and informative! If you want to have a look at the website yourself, please follow the link provided; https://www.edgehill.ac.uk/ls/uni-skills/?tab=uniskills

Remember, it is okay to ask for help!

“We all understand the importance of asking for help, those who achieve big things are the ones who accept it when it’s offered.” 

– Simon Sinek –

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