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So Easter is just around the corner, with only around 3 weeks to go to indulge yourself in all the chocolate you want. So many shops have got shelves stacked but, there is a way to get Easter eggs without having to pay a penny…an Easter Egg Hunt on Campus. 

Thursday 4th April from 10 am till 4 pm is an Easter egg hunt on the Edge Hill Campus. All you have to do is search around the whole Campus for tokens hidden by their very own Easter bunnies, and return the token to SU at the Welcome Fair. Hopefully not many of you will have lectures during this time because, who doesn’t like free chocolate!

Unfortunately, you can’t have more than one token per person, but, on the upside there are vegan options available which is amazing!

If you don’t have time to hunt round campus for a token for a free Easter egg, then you can do your very own DIY Easter egg Hunt with your mates at University, if they’re up for it. Yes, it will mean all of you pitching in some money to get some Easter eggs but, if you go to Aldi or B&M, you can get some for really cheap, around £1 each.

Or, wait until you go home and hopefully there will be some Easter eggs waiting for you there during your 2-3 weeks off.

If you have some memories of what an Easter egg hunt was like to you when you were younger, i’d be more than happy to hear about it in the comments down below.

I hope you all have a great Easter!

Ellis  x

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