Happy Mother’s Day

Hello everyone!

I hope you’re doing good and enjoying this tropical March weather! As it is Mother’s day today (even though every day is obviously Mother’s day), I thought I would talk about ideas for last minute gifts, and places to go!

Edge Hill Stalls

My mum is a BIG fan of candles. Every week people set up stall in Edge Hill’s hub to sell gifts,  jewellery etc. My favourite stall sells beautiful candles decorated with crystals and gems. They all have different scents – I bought a passionfruit-scented candle for my mum this year!

Sentimental Stuff

However, if your mum is not a candle lover you could go for something simple yet sentimental. For example, a nice photo frame with a printed picture or collage can make a lovely gift!

Meal out or meal in?

Maybe you prefer to take your mum out for the day? Perhaps a spa day or a meal out (probably involving wine) could be the perfect thing to do on Mother’s day! Instead of going for a meal out, why don’t you cook a meal in? You don’t have to spend up to make Mother’s day feel special.

What have you been up to today?

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