Procrastination and distraction at uni! :)

Hi everyone, I hope you’re well and have had a good week, for today’s blog I am going to talk about getting distracted and ways to put an end to procrastinating. To procrastinate is to delay or postpone action; put off doing something, and I think it is quite ironic that while I am writing a blog post on this and giving tips on how stop procrastinating, I am putting off doing work myself! I am one of those people, as most students are who loves having naps, watching Netflix and gets very, distracted, very easily! Right now, I am meant to be finishing off an assignment and instead of just getting distracted by my phone I have managed to convince myself to write a blog instead as I have some tips to help you if you’re feeling the same as me right now!

Be Fair on yourself.

You know yourself better than anybody else, only you know how you feel at the time, and there is no point forcing yourself to stay up and pull an all nighter to finish an assignment if you know you won’t be up for your lecture in the morning if you do so. Setting yourself realistic goals and aims for each day means you get done what you need to while being fair on yourself, my favourite way is writing a realistic to do list, with specific times. That being said, don’t be too fair on yourself, like it can be good to reward yourself after achieving what you set out to do but in moderation!


I can get distracted by pretty much anything, like if I hear someone in the flat come in, I’ll look for anything to have a chat instead of to do uni work. Or I’ll go on my phone to send a text and keep checking to see if they’ve replied, and the same with emails! I find that if I get the distractions out the way before I start doing work, I’m more likely to knuckle down. I am also one of those people that thinks out of sight out mind, so I’ll quite often leave my phone switched off in my bag or leave it in the flat when I go to the Catalyst. Today, while I’m in the Catalyst I’ve brought my phone with me to keep in touch with my friend and I’ve noticed how much more I’ve been distracted!

Have allocated spaces for work

I know that I struggle to concentrate if I work in my room, but work well in the kitchen as it is quiet and can get up and make coffee and have snacks at any point! Whereas, the best place I work is the Catalyst, in a little individual pot on the second floor and stick a head phones on to isolate myself and hopefully minimise distraction.  I find it’s very important to have breaks to go to the loo or go on a walk wherever I’m working, also inviting some friends who are doing the same work helps to talk about it and motivate each other to carry on!

Hope you’ve enjoyed today’s blog, please comment if you have any questions. I’m off now to finish my assignment- good luck to you all! Have a good week, look after yourself.

Alice 🙂 xxx

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  1. Brilliant blog with a realistic look at being a student and dealing with distraction and learning how to manage your own time. Having allocated spaces to work in definitely helps!

    1. Hi Francesca! Thank you for your comment, I’m so glad you enjoyed the post and it gave you a realistic insight! It is so important to do what is right for you, you really do have to be fair to yourself too, I’m definitely guilty of rewarding myself even for a little bit of productivity! Yes, I completely agree with having allocating spaces, I’m in the Catalyst right now and find it’s a great working environment for me.
      Hope you carry on reading the blogs, it was lovely to hear from you!

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