Primary Education with QTS – My first professional practice (Regional Opportunity)👩🏽‍🏫🏫



I’ve just gotten back from my first professional practice. I’ve been teaching for 7 weeks on a regional opportunity in High Peak, Derbyshire and I wanted to share some of my experience with you if you’re wondering about placements on this course. 🏫

I’ve talked a little about this before over on this post, but I’ve just gotten back and want to give you my honest opinion of my experience:

The travel 🚂 :
New Mills is a quaint little town close to Stockport. It’s around 50 miles away, which deems it as a regional opportunity. There are also other places such as Cumbria or Barrow-in-Furness, but this may change next year. I travelled there on the train and came back last week on the train also – this can be claimed back as the university will pay for travel to and from university and also to and from the school that I was on placement at. Whether this is trains, cars, buses – all forms of public transport, barring taxis. On top of this, the University provided us with £3 a day for our breakfast which I thought was a lovely gesture.

The accommodation 🏡 :
The University does their best to provide you with accommodation that is as good as your halls, if not better – ours was certainly better and I love my accommodation at Edge Hill! There was four of us from the university placed together in a guest house above a stunning cafe, it was really spacious and fully furnished with everything you could ever need. We were all taken aback at how amazing it was. It was a short drive from the school and one of the flat mates had his car with him so that made everything a lot easier – and he could claim back on taking us every day – 14p per mile and an extra 3p for each passenger. A great set up really.

The school 🏫 :
The school was nothing I had ever seen before. Living and growing up abroad, I was used to big international schools with 4-6 form entry classes, averaging at 90 pupils in a year group. This school has 80 pupils in it’s entire school, and there were only 3 classes: Rec/Y1, Y2/3 and Y3/4/5. I felt out my comfort zone but my mentor and all the staff were so welcoming and you have a visiting tutor from Edge Hill come to check on you which is great. There is lots of support and I enjoyed it so much. I already can’t wait for next years placement!

I hope this has given you  little more insight into regional opportunities. As someone who wants to travel with teaching, I wanted to experience a school and town that I had never been to before and I’m glad I did. I can’t urge you enough to try a regional opportunity if you come to Edge Hill – it’s amazing that they even provide this! 😱

Thanks for reading! Please feel free to comment if you have any questions! 💕


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