Greece: My Placement

So from my last blog, I mentioned that I was going to Greece, and finally I am back so thought this was a perfect time to write a blog about it.

On my course (Film and TV Production), an opportunity came through for students about volunteering at a film festival in Thessaloniki, Greece. As soon as I saw this email, I signed up for it and put in an application form. Luckily, a few weeks later, I got an email from the Media department saying that I had secured a place for the trip and that I needed to confirm and attend the meetings in order to keep this placement.

What Edge Hill Done For Me 

I and 3 other students across the department secured a place on this trip and was so excited about it. Although this put me in a bit of a panic because of production work for my course, all of my module leaders were supportive of the placement and recognised that I could ask for an extension if I was stressed out about the work. This was one of the best things about Edge Hill as they allow students to go and enjoy placements that will help and further their career.


I learnt so much with this placement and was so lucky with gaining this opportunity. With these placements, you need to show something for it therefore, each day I spent in Thessaloniki, I had to write a small diary entry of what I experienced as every day was different. For example, one of the days I was there, I was volunteering at a film screening and got to start talking to other people working there and getting to know the language.

I’d say that if you’re planning on coming onto this course, or any courses within Edge Hill, one of the things to do is to see whether they offer placements and how they will help with the course.

If you would like any more advice about the course you have applied for at Edge Hill, I would email a course leader which you can find under the course onthe website. If you would like to know more about the placement I went on as well, just comment below.

Ellis x

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