On Thursday 7th March, Edge Hill’s student services, campus life and the SU put on a Feel Good Festival in the main building for Uni mental health day. This is just one of the great events that the university runs for it’s students, and I thought I would share my experience of it.

There were a number of different stalls set up in the hub, which is generally what happens at these events, a few examples of these stalls are a free pick ‘n’ mix stand where you could get a cup full of the sweets you wanted, a ping pong table, a mini basketball hoop game, a face paint/glitter station, and this was all for free!!

My friends and I decided to get some fake tattoos, the man running the stall was really smiley and chatty, and everyone your saw or spoke to was really friendly. 

We also had the opportunity to plant our own flowers. They provided the pots and seeds, so we could take it away and grow our own plants. There were also a few competitions you could enter to win prizes. My friends and I also had a picture taken in a photo booth, there was a number of different props that we could choose from and it was nice to have a bit of fun after our lectures.

Finally a friend and I also took advantage of the free massages that were also on offer. We waited for only about 30 minutes but it was definitely worth it. The ladies that did our massages made us feel really comfortable and made a conversation where they could. I even almost fell asleep due to how good the massage was, it was about 10 minutes long and beforehand the lady asked me if I had any problems with my back and if there was anything in particular I wanted.

Overall this is just one of the many events that is put on in the hub, and the number of things that you can do at them. For this particular function, it was a happy and chilled environment with a nice message and meaning behind it. Lots of people struggle with mental health and this event just shows how much support the uni offers and how friendly everyone is around campus.

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