How to Balance University Life With Personal Life

Hey everyone and happy March!

One aspect of university life that I found difficult at the start of my first term was how to draw the line between my work for university and my personal enjoyment of the other experiences at university. At the start of the term, I dived straight in to the work, trying to plan everything for assignments in advance which caused me to lose sight of other aspects of university.

And so, I am here to share some of my tips that helped me create a balance between university life and personal life whilst at university.

Create a Timetable

I know that making a timetable for your life may seem really controlling, but it depends on how you use a timetable. Some may seem very regimented, scheduling every part of their day while others are more simple and relaxed. Mine has always been somewhere in between. I write down what time I want to start my university work and what time I want to have it finished by. This way, I know what time I can enjoy some of the things I like to do in my spare time like watching movies or going to the gym. 

Get Up Earlier! 

I am proud to admit that I am that really annoying morning person that gets up really early and is the most productive. I find that when I get up earlier in the day, I have more time to get work done AND enjoy some time for myself. It makes sense! I’m not saying that you have to get up at the first sign of dawn (although you do get to see some amazing sunrises), but set your alarm at an earlier time, allowing you get started on the day and not put yourself under pressure to cramp everything into the one day. 

Create a To Do list!

I am the BIGGEST advocate of lists. I make them for everything! I found that making a to do list whilst at university and managing my work, really helped me to relax and find time to enjoy things I wanted to do. Every morning, I open my diary and made a really quick note of what work I wanted to get done in that day. I kept it realistic and doable so that I didn’t pack too much in for one day like I used to at the start of the year. Because I get up early, I am able to tick things off my list earlier in the day and then have the time to hang out with my flat mates at the end of the day or catch up on some Friends like I haven’t watched the series 10 times already…. 

And they were my 3 top tips on how to balance university life and personal life. Like I said, I found this very hard at the beginning of my first term because all I wanted was to achieve and be the best I could be. This was a great mindset to have however, as a result, I missed out on a lot of social aspects of university which are so important for experiences.

I hope you enjoyed and good luck with any exams or coursework!

“Never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life.”

– Dolly Parton – 

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