Personal Statements

My last blog was about the progression into student applications for University, so I think this one is going to be fitting, talking about personal statements.

If you need some top tips for them, keep reading below.

1) Drafts:

If you’re much like me and a perfectionist, drafting your personal statement is a good way of noticing mistakes and what you want to put in it to make it it’s best.

Extra: When doing drafts for your personal statement, try not to look or set a character count. This just helps to minimise your words and pick out your strong points.

2) Take Your Time:

Personal statements are one of the most important things in a University application. It is known for a University to just read the first 2 lines to see whether they like you.


3) Make an Impression:

Linked to tip 2, making an impression in your personal statement from right at the start is a good way to go. Think of quotes, memories etc, that could tie into what you want to say and the course(s) you’re applying for.

4) Don’t Tailor it to One University:

Don’t say anything about any specific within the Universities you pick. This personal statement will be given to 5 Universities. Even though you may be thinking of that one perfect Uni, it’s best not to do this.

5) Make it Your Own Work: 

Try to find your own voice and opinions when writing your personal statement. Using your strengths to your advantage, and making them stand out in your personal statement. I kind of think a personal statement much like a CV, You want to put your best work out there, so pour everything you’ve done, achieved into your personal statement.

Remember, everyone at University has had to go through this stage of writing a personal statement, so, if you know anyone ask them what they would advise.

If you would like anymore hints or tips, or even some guidelines, click on this link down below:

You’re more than welcome to put some comments down if you have any questions on your personal statement. I hope this has helped some of you. I’m off to Greece now on a placement so will be writing a few blogs later on – keep an eye out!

Ellis x


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