The English, History and Creative Writing Department

Hi everyone,

I thought today I would tell you all about the department of English, History and Creative Writing here at Edge Hill and what persuaded me to become apart of it.

So, within the department there are so many joint honours degrees you can do, for example ‘English and Creative Writing’ or ‘English and Drama’ or ‘History with Politics’. There really are so many options within the department.

Also, the staff we have within the department are incredible. Their specialism range from Victorian journalism to psycho linguists and renaissance specialisms.

Within our department there is also the opportunity to choose an elective module at the end of each academic year. For example, one of my friends chose a history module last year on Victorian press and journalism. It adds bit of variety in your degree programme as well as getting to meet new students!

I found that the modules at other universities on English courses were very classical and I wanted something new and exciting. So, whilst I have done classical modules I have also studied supernatural fiction and childrens literature.

The careers opportunities within these types of courses are really good as well if you want something with flexibility and not a set career path. For example, you can do careers in things like advertising, teaching, marketing, editorial, speech therapy just to name a few!

See you next time!

Ellie 🙂

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