Getting things done during reading week!

Hi everyone, I hope you’re well and have had a good week! For today’s blog I thought I would give you an insight into what reading week is like a bit about what I am getting up to during this week!So depending on your course, you have a week to reflect on your lectures and seminars, to catch up on assignments and to you know-read! In my Education and English course, I get a reading week and am on it at the moment. Alot of people go home during this week as it is a good opportunity to spend this time with family and friends and get work done at home. I am staying at uni this week, but am definitely guilty of procrastinating and getting distracted when I know I have things to be getting on with! In this blog I am going to give you some tips on how to get things done!

To do lists!

I think if you’ve read some of my other blogs, or other Edge Hill student bloggers, you will know, we love a good to do list! There is something so satisfying about setting out, as detailed as you like, everything you want to get done and then ticking it off when you’ve done it! On your list can be even the smallest of things like to do your laundry or walk to Aldi to get some milk, but that sense of achievement and knowing you’ve done what you set one to do is such a great feeling! For me, today on my to do list is working on my presentation for my Critical Theories module, pack my bag for visiting my friend in Nottingham tomorrow, go to swim team at 7 and write this blog post! Each day, I try to write a new list and change it up depending on what I got done yesterday and how I feel on the day!

Different settings!

I find that, say if I stay in my room and try to get work done there, I will get distracted! As, In my head I associate my room with relaxing and napping so that’s what I will want to do! Like today, I have set up shop in a little pod on second floor in the catalyst, but I like to change it up to the kitchen table, or the Hub or a coffee shop in town! But everyone is different, I know a lot of people work best at their desk in their room. I am going to see my friend to break the week up a little bit for me and I know that on the train on the way there and back, I will have time to get some work done!

Be realistic with yourself.

This is a big one! When setting out everything you want to achieve in the week, think realistically. If you are going home for the week, take into account spending time with friends and family.  For me, when I’m planning each day I take into account exercising, meals, spending time with people, perhaps a walk into town and phoning friends and family! Like I said, i’m a massive procrastinator but have found that I’m so much more likely to do work if i also plan doing the things I like doing and not just forcing myself to work for ours at a time!

I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s blog, it is so important to be fair on yourself and realistic- don’t force it, do what you’re comfortable and happy to do. Have a great week,

Alice! 🙂

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