Hi everyone, I thought for todays blog I would share something a bit more specific to my course. I am studying Educational Psychology and I am in my first year, we have done and are doing a wide range of different assessments, which I’m sure are similar for most courses and thought it was something I could share so you know what kind of thing to expect.

Essays- This is a bit of a given I guess. Most, if not all courses will probably have to do an essay at some point. Some people love them, some people hate them. Edge Hill are really good in supporting you through the first year assessments, from referencing, to going over essay plans and personal tutor meetings, in my experience tutors and lecturers do all that they can to support you. A piece of advice for this is definitely take advantage of the support that they offer as once you get into second year, you will need to be more independent with your assessments. 

Exams- For some courses or modules you may have exams. For me, on my course, I have only had one exam so far and this was a multiple choice exam. There is a period of time at the start of January for exams and also in May. On my course for the rest of the year I know I am expecting another multiple choice exam and also an essay based exam. Alongside this, in psychology we do weekly Web Based Assessments that are based on the weeks topic and the grades from that go towards the end of module grade.

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Presentation-This is another love or hate for some people. I have recently done a group presentation as part of one of my modules and as much as some people may dislike them, they are such a useful thing to do and you will gain skills from. Working with others and having the confidence to stand up and present, are great skills to have and something that potential employers really like. 

Portfolio- As part of one of my modules I had to create a portfolio of a collection of work, to display a number of different skills. Some examples of these skills are referencing, finding appropriate sources and also creating a CV. These are all key skills that are needed for the course but also in the future when looking for a job, so I think its really good that the university offer that support now. 

When looking at Universities, the kinds of assessment is definitely something worth looking at, as different universities offer different types of assessment and different people prefer different types, for example I personally prefer presentations and and essays whereas others may prefer exams.

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