My last semester at Edge Hill

Hi everyone 🙂

Welcome to my first post of 2019, I hope you have all had an amazing first month of 2019!

I am looking forward to seeing what this semester brings, but it also feels extremely bittersweet as it is my last ever semester at Edge Hill and I definitely do not feel ready to leave yet! So far my time at Edge Hill has been so much better than I ever could have imagined. I still can’t comprehend that in July I will be graduating and no longer a student (I will definitely miss the perks of being a student!).

But, I am going to be making the most of this semester and enjoying my time here as well! I joined the gym last week and I’m really looking forward to getting into fitness again as I definitely haven’t been my most healthy self in my time at uni. I have been a few times now and I am enjoying it so much and the facilities are incredible, which I will be talking about in future posts!

Let me know what you’re looking forward to this semester!

Thanks for reading

Ellie 🙂


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  1. really love reading your posts ellie! glad im not the only one not looking forward to leaving the uni experience 🙁

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