Meal planning and budgeting!

Hi everyone! Hope you’re all doing well.

For today’s blog, I’m going to talk about meal planning and budgeting while at uni!
Planning out your meals is an easy and very helpful way of on staying on top of what you are eating when cooking for yourself. There are a number of reasons why you would like to do this but I do it because:

1.) It means I am more likely to eat healthily! I am vegetarian so I have to make sure that i eat the right things to get the nutrients I need! If I spend the time to plan each meal I will have, and while doing this know that I am going to get those nutrients and try to include as much fruit and vegetables as I can in my diet then I am much more likely to stick to eating healthy than if I just made a meal and didn’t have a plan. I like to freeze chopped up bananas and fresh fruit as well as vegetables and pasta sauces. Taking a few hours each week to do a little bit of preparation has been a complete game changer and I have noticed how easier it is, how much healthier I have been eating and how much money I have saved from doing this!

2.) I find that after I’ve done the food shop for the next week, if i write down everything I have in and then devise different meals from everything, it means I have no waste! I clean out my cupboard each week before doing the weekly shop and write down everything I need. This means I just buy the things I need and not be fooled in the supermarket into special offers and unhealthy snacks I don’t need! It can be hard to have this self control and there have 100% been times I have gone on a bit of a chocolate binge but i know that its alright, everyone slips up sometimes. I really do feel so much better from doing this and feel alot more healthy, as well as exercising each day.

3.) It has saved me alot of money! I have been buying wonky veg, which is cheaper and I like to get vegetables that you buy individually so it saves waste and money. If I buy exactly what I know I will use and like to eat and the right amount just for me, it saves money! I find it very helpful to buy a meal planner which has the days of the week divided out for you and a section for notes and a shopping list! I try to drink about 1.5 litres of water a day and I’ve found having a refillable water bottle is alot easier to stick to this as I can just refill it when I need it and take it to the gym and to lectures with me!

I hope that this has been helpful for you and given you an insight into how I budget my money for food and plan each of my meals to try to save time and live a healthy life style!

Please comment if you have any questions,
Alice 🙂 x

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