Reflecting on My First Term at Edge Hill University!

Hey everyone, Happy New Year!

I hope you all had a lovely winter break and are ready to face 2019!

Over the Christmas holidays, I took a little bit of time to reflect on my first term of university and I thought I would share my experience with you.

I remember the first week of university thinking, “this is so different to what I expected.” In high school, I didn’t have to attend huge lectures with over 300 people and to be honest, the first couple of lectures were very nerve-wracking. Walking into a huge hall in front of A LOT of people was a daunting experience and took a bit of getting used to. However, by the third week, it was like second nature to me and it will be for you too!

My first seminar classes for Primary Education were also very different to what I expected them to be. I remember listening to everyone else’s experiences with primary teaching and thinking that I hadn’t enough which was silly of me because I soon figured out that everyone’s experiences are different.

We did a session in one of our Academic Personal Development (APD) seminars called ‘This is Me,’ whereby we each had the opportunity to share why we wanted to be a teaching and any experiences we had in the past. Sharing my own practices with my class felt really amazing as I was able to talk about what teaching meant to me and what inspired me to pursue the career. After hearing everyone else talk about why they wanted to be a teacher and what had inspired them, I felt closer to them and knew that I would get along very well with them.

My course also involved three exemplars visit days over the course of three months. This was a way to allow us, as trainee teachers, to observe the teachers in the school and make any notes on what we thought was useful or effective in the classroom. We had a topic for each of the exemplars which we needed to be aware of when observing. For example, the third exemplar visit theme was SEN and safeguarding and so, that was our focus for that particular visit.

I found these visits very informative because, coming from Northern Ireland, I felt that there were a lot of differences which made me feel slightly more out-of-place. However, during the visits, I was able to talk to teachers and ask any questions about what I was unsure about which they were more than happy to answer. I now feel better about starting my professional practice on the 14th of January!

The last part of my first term I would like to talk about isn’t all about the assignments, granted, they did come as a surprise to me, but I managed them fine. The last part is about how much more independent I am as a person. Having to move away from home and fend for myself, and by that I mean cook, I now feel more grown up and ready to face to ‘big bad world’ which, doesn’t seem so bad when I have the support from my lecturers and tutors at Edge Hill University, guiding and supporting me in whatever way they can.

I am so happy with how my first term at University played out and how fast it went by. Seriously, it only feels like yesterday that I unpacked my overloaded car. Sorry for the cliché, but it is true what they say, time flies when you’re having fun.

If you are interested in my journey as a trainee teacher at Edge Hill University, make sure to check out my ‘Digital Journey’ blog! –

P.s, good luck in this new year!

“No one ever made a difference by being like everyone else.”

– P.T Barnum – 

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