Holistic Week

Another amazing benefit to joining Edge Hill University and a fabulous feature of my course (Early Years Education with QTS) is a week called Holistic week. This week was designed by our course tutors to expand our knowledge and learning outside of our modules.

The week for my year entailed three days. The first held a collection of workshops which we could sign up for to fill the day. The first, was a Forrest School experience. Edge Hill has it’s own Forrest School as part for the Faculty of Education. Within this experience we were shown how we could develop a child’s learning through different activities outdoors. We learnt how to start a fire safely, roasted our own marshmallows and created a bird feeder with cheerios. We had to count out two lots of ten cheerios and place them equally on two pieces of string tied around a twig. This showed understanding of mathematics with every day problem solving.

The other workshop I signed up for was Musical Art. Within this session we listened to classical music and painted using the feelings the music created. It was interesting to see how everyone around our table had a different piece of art than my own. We then had to draw images of sections of music which told a story. This was really interesting to see how similar ours and the composers’ story was. I personally found this a very enjoyable experience as I love both music and art but it also allowed free expression whilst connecting key elements of the curriculum.

The second day was Mental Health day where we had talks from visiting lecturers and staff around the university. This brought awareness to how much the university and surrounding community gets involved and supports Mental Health charities. It was really positive to see how much Edge Hill helps to make a difference.

Finally, the last day of the week consisted of a trip to Chester Zoo. We visited the different animals and built understanding of the opportunities we would have as teachers to bring our students for additional learning. Also, it allowed us to build friendships with the people on our course and talk to people we might not usually and, of course, we all had a lot of fun, which is what university should be and is!

Overall, it was a really great week and another way in which the course allows us as students to build further knowledge and understanding. The activities were specifically modified for our year group and change every year in order for us, as students, to get the most out of our experience.

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