Christmas Mathematics Masterclass

One of my favourite things about Edge Hill University is the amazing opportunities provided by my course (Early Years Education with QTS) in order to further my knowledge and experience.

I was very lucky to be chosen to take part and help teach a Mathematics Masterclass for visiting children from Primary Years 2 & 4. The masterclass was put together by my course leader and featured some very fun and exciting Christmas activities which would better the children’s knowledge of maths and help them to link to real-life situations for future problem solving.

On the day, a beautiful Saturday morning, when the campus is lovely and peaceful, myself and a few other students from across the three years awaited the arrival of eager maths enthusiasts. They looked up at us in awe as most wouldn’t have visited a university campus before, especially not one like Edge Hill. Christmas music created a great fun atmosphere within the classroom.

As teachers, we were all given a separate activity to run whilst providing support for the children as they visited different activities. I was in charge of the Christmas Mocktail Making experience. This entailed the children actively recognising colours of juices, for example, apple, orange, blackcurrant and water. They had a sheet with an image of a cocktail glass separated into 10 sections. The idea; to be aware of ratio and proportion when selecting how much of each juice to add to their cocktail. This could then be written as fraction when discussing afterwards.

The children found it very exciting to be able to make their own cocktails, something which is considered only for grown-ups. They could also quickly see the correlation between this exercise and their mathematic problems they were taught in school.

I found the whole morning extremely rewarding and I felt truly blessed to be a part of it – a great feeling, helping me to know I am on the right course for my future career! I will also receive a certificate which can be placed within my Teaching Standards portfolio, helping me to achieve the Qualified Teaching Status at the end of my three year course.

Edge Hill is a great university for providing extra learning experiences outside your own course!

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