Catalyst Building

One of the hardest things about living off campus is finding the motivation to study. Every little possible thing distracts me; whether it’s one of my four beautiful, fluff-ball cats climbing up the Christmas Tree and breaking yet another glass bauble, or its endless hours of Designated Survivor and Suits on Netflix. The thought of having to, all of a sudden, blend your gorgeous, comfortable, relaxed home space with assignment writing really isn’t for me!

So, I decided with my last assignment, to take advantage of the gorgeous Catalyst building within the Edge Hill Campus. This amazing brand new facility houses a state of the art library, student services and information and even a cute little café. Taking myself out of my own, personal, familiar setting pushed me to work even harder.

Within the library there are lots of different seated areas for you to read, write and take your own laptop to study. As well as, many different computer stations, a mac suite for media/graphics and hireable laptops (free of charge for students until 8am the following day – note: these cannot be taken off campus).

My personal favourite feature of the Catalyst, however, is the free of charge group study rooms situated on the ground floor. These contain up to 5 seats, with a whiteboard and large screen connected to a computer. These rooms can be booked for up to three hours at a time and two weeks in advance. My advice would be to do just that as they book up quite quickly.

The rooms are ideal if you want the piece and quiet to study alone, to work with a group on a presentation, or even if you just need someone to sound off ideas to whilst you work, but don’t want to disturb the whole library.

Another great thing about the Catalyst is that it is open 24/7 (except holidays – opening times here) so you can enjoy the beautiful facilities whenever it suits you; just remember to take your library card with you for access.

I will be taking advantage of the fabulous building all next week preparing to submit my first assignment of 2019!

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