Returning home for the Christmas Holidays!

Hi everyone! I hope you’re all having a lovely Christmas holiday and enjoying spending time with your family and friends! For today’s blog I thought it would be nice to talk about coming home for Christmas from uni and a bit about what it’s like!

So I came home for the holidays on the 14th of December and am home for 3 weeks. It is the first time I’ve been home since September, and I have to say it really is quite odd coming home after so long! I’m sure you will feel exactly the same as me if is your first time moving out like me!


It is important to continue to do uni work while going home, while balancing spending time with friends and family. For me, I wrote a list of all the things I wanted to get done in the three weeks I am at home, so specifically certain uni work, the friends and family I want to spend time with and certain places I wanted to go within that time! Therefore it means that I get everything done, for me I found that when I came back there was alot of things to do when I got home that I didn’t think about!

Work over the Holidays

As you will come to know, it can be very hard to budget while at uni, which I will write a blog post all about that! It is a good idea to earn some extra money by working, for example I write these blogs, I also model for the uni’s prospectus and I worked in Next over the holidays in the Christmas sale. There have been times during this time I’ve spent at home that I have missed being at uni and having the structure for lectures and constantly things to do so with work and it creates more of a plan for me!

Get ahead of work and exercise!

As Jordan spoke about in his recent blog about navigating the limbo between Christmas and New years, this time can easily get lost and no one is completely sure of what day it is! So adding structure of exercise and trying to motivate yourself to get a bit of uni work done really helps as its something you don’t have to worry about later! It can be hard to motivate yourself, especially with alot of different distractions at home but I’ve found it best to break it down do these things in parts. For example planning your essay and starting o the introduction in one day opposed to trying to write the whole thing in one go!

Hope you’ve enjoyed and please comment if you have any questions! See you soon,

Alice 🙂 x





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