The importance of reflection!!

We are fast approaching 2019, January exams and our 2nd semester, which is scary to think I am almost half way through my first year. However it is really nice to reflect on all the things that has happened in 2018 but particularly my first semester of University. Something that I would really advise anyone and everyone to do is reflect on anything whether that be school, fitness, or any experiences you encounter. I am going to be brave and share my 1st semester reflection.

My first semester started out being a bit of a struggle as I was unsure I was doing the right course, which I partly think is due to having such a change in my routine and environment. Being away from home was difficult but I’m proud of myself for getting through it. There are still times where I miss home but I get through because of the friends that I have made.

Making friends was something that worried me, due to coming from a small island I never really had to make friends as everyone just knew everyone. Even though it was difficult at the start, I can now say that I have some really great friends at University, and I can’t wait to see them again to make pancakes together again.

Something that has changed quite a bit for me is my eating habits and general healthy lifestyle. Since September I have been decreasing my meat intake and am now a vegetarian, which I have really enjoyed trying new and different things, but I also look forward to trying even more new things in the New Year. I have found becoming a vegetarian has in ways made my shopping cheaper particularly if I am cooking lots of fresh vegetables. But I have also got into the habit of going to the gym or a class about 4 times a week which I have been loving.

And finally a highlight for me was the mini Christmas I was able to do with my friends on a budget. We set a limit of how much we could spend on each other then we gathered at my flat to exchange gifts and also spend time with each other to watch television. My flat also got decorated to get us in the Christmassy mood.

So all in all it has been a great semester and I am excited to start the second semester, with lots of exciting things coming up.

“Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try”


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