Setting Goals for 2019 – Making the most at Edge Hill

New Year Goals

With the first semester over at university you may be thinking back over the times during when things didn’t really follow your plan. That might be that you never got the job you were looking for, or never got the grades you expected. It happens to all of us but in this blog post I want to talk about three ways that you can turn yourself around, and not give up hope on the goals you wanted to achieve.

Don’t forget your old goals

It might be tempting to simply write off those things that you just had to achieve in your first few months at university because you haven’t yet accomplished them. But don’t. Remember that perseverance in the face of extreme doubt is the only  way to get where you want. I personally wanted to have my driving test passed before Christmas. When I didn’t, I came back after the new year with a positive attitude. I wasn’t bogged down with the fact I hadn’t passed, and shortly after the new year I got my full license. So don’t forget your goals.

Make positive changes

I’m not even batting around the bush with this one. Coursework. If you left it to the last moment last year, that might be in university or college, then don’t. Get your coursework down as quickly as possible and use all of the time given to you. Not doing so is a massive mistake. Apart from that make a list of things that you know you want to change. Maybe its going to the gym more, or maybe its simply learning a new skill. Whatever it is, if you want it then go for it.

Reward yourself

Don’t forget to relax. All work and no play is no good for you. Take the time out to get yourself something nice, take a break, go home and see family. Just chill out. If you push yourself too hard towards something then eventually you will burn out. You don’t want to start really excited to get what you want and end up not wanting it because you pushed too hard too early.

That’s everything. Take these three things and you will be praised, trust me. If you want to learn more about dealing with stress you can check out my other blog post here.

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