Not living in the UK before Uni- My experience!

As probably said previously, I come from Guernsey in the Channel Islands (don’t worry if you don’t know where that is), and so moving to the UK in September was a massive step for me. Its nerve wracking for one but as time has gone on there have been things that I needed that I didn’t have due to living elsewhere. I’m sure their are others of you that are thinking of coming to Edge Hill, and maybe you live elsewhere, or maybe even from the Channel Islands like me?! There are a few things that I did that I think would be helpful for people to know before to coming to university, and also things that I didn’t know and have learnt as I have gone along.

So firstly, for me it was much cheaper to buy all the essentials in the UK but also a lot easier as I had to fly to Manchester to get there, so therefore had limited luggage space and weight on the plane. My parents and I stayed in Liverpool for a few days previous to move in day to get the essentials. One thing I would say is don’t go too crazy as if you think after a couple weeks there is something else you might need, then there is places to grab that in Ormskirk, but also your flatmates may have something that you need and you could possibly borrow it until you are able to get your own. Try and pack things in bags that are easily transported as I know for me I came in a taxi and so couldn’t park close to my accommodation. 

Secondly, something that I didn’t think about was being signed up to the doctors. For me, at home we don’t have the NHS so I needed to get an NHS number. However the University are very helpful with this and generally on move in day they have people there from the local doctors so I was able to sign up pretty quickly, and the people on the stall were really helpful.

The final thing that I didn’t know or think about when moving to the UK was if I wanted to work, you need a National Insurance Number. It is quite easily sorted however I would advise that you try and sort it within the first few weeks as an interview is needed and generally takes 3-6 weeks to come down. For this when you arrive in the UK you can apply, by ringing them up and just following what is being asked of you. After that generally a letter is sent to you with a date of an interview to confirm who you are where you also need to take some forms of ID however they will be clear about that in your phone call, it is not scary at all and really easy to do. Coming from Ormskirk this interview is generally done in Liverpool.

I hope this is helpful for some people, and I hope everyone has a good Christmas!

“My idea of Christmas, whether old fashioned or modern is very simple: Loving others”- Bob Hope

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