Getting ready for Christmas at Uni.

Hi Everyone!

Hope you’re well and feeling ready and excited for Christmas- we finish this week for the holidays! It is my favourite time of year and I really don’t think anything beats that feeling of having friends and family around you at Christmas. That’s why i can be quite difficult before you go home, to feel in the spirit while being at uni, especially when you have deadlines, are budgeting and are away from those you love at home! So  in today’s blog, I thought it would be appropriate to give you some ideas on how to get into the Christmas spirit while at Edge Hill!

Make a Christmas dinner with friends


For some of my friends and I, we thought it would be a lovely idea to make a Christmas dinner. In order to keep costs down, each of us prepared a different part of the meal and simply reheated it when it was time for the dinner! This was a great idea, as because I ended up being quite cheap we had money left over to buy Baileys, Christmas

hats and a colour your own table


Why not decorate your flat and get involved!

I understand that we are all on a budget, and that when you don’t have a lot of money left, you’d rather spend that money on essentials, but I was surprised with how cheap it can be to buy Christmas decorations. From Poundland, Aldi and B&M, you can get all sorts from tinsel, to mini Christmas trees and even Christmas projectors! And if you split the price with friends and flatmates it would end up being a few pounds each! Also a nice idea is to make decorations, again I understand that at this time of year, we have to prioritise deadlines and work. But as a break it can be therapeutic and fun to do some arts and crafts, for example making paper snowflakes and garlands! Getting involved with activities and things going on around you- for example the Edge Hill Christmas fair or the Ormskirk light switch on!

Keep in touch with Family and Friends!

As I’ve said, Christmas time is all about spending time with those you love so, stay involved! Maybe Facetime your family as they are putting up the Christmas tree or decorations at home and maybe buy some Christmas presents for your friends or make your own! Next week I will be making a blog on cheap, homemade Christmas gift ideas!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this blog and it has got you in the spirit! Thank you for reading, please comment any questions if you have any- would love to hear from you!

Alice! : )




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