My first blog and a bit about myself!

Hi prospective students, I’m Alice!
As this is my first blog I thought this would be a great opportunity to introduce myself so you can get to know a bit about the person behind the blogs!

Why did you chose Edge Hill?
I remember first hearing about Edge Hill at a university fair at college and I had looked into and around a few other different universities before I found Edge Hill. I knew I wanted to go to university and perhaps do something with teaching but that’s all I was sure about! At college I took English lit, textiles and drama and did an EPQ so I had a variety of things I enjoyed studying.  Outside of college I worked in a hotel, enjoyed babysitting, swimming, running and  socialising. When I looked into Edge Hill uni, I found that it wasn’t too far away (about 2 hours in the car) and how friendly and welcoming it felt, I knew I would love it here. This was before I even knew what I wanted to study, but seeing the Education and English course was the icing on the cake- it was exactly want I wanted to do!

How have you found your first few months here?

Honestly, I have loved it! And I really do mean that, obviously there have been times when I’ve missed my family and friends at home but I have found so much support from fellow students and members of staff that really have made me feel happy here!

I am from a town so to me Ormskirk feels like a home from home, walking through the streets on a Thursday or Saturday on the market days is always lovely and treating myself to some Ormskirk gingerbread always makes my week! There’s also loads for different things to do in Ormskirk, on campus and in different places only a short train journey away, I will be making a blog post soon about places I enjoy going in the local area at the weekend with friends.

I am part of the Edge Hill swim team, the arts and crafts society and LGBT society so my blogs will also revolve around the societies I am part of and how much I enjoy them. Now I can also say I’m a blogger for the university- and already I have met some brilliant new people from doing this! I would highly recommend joining different teams, societies and volunteering  as it is a brilliant opportunity meet so many different and new people, as well as the people on your course and in your flat!

If you have any questions please don’t be afraid to ask, would be great to hear from you! I hope you’ve enjoyed reading and learning a bit about me, I am excited to share more about myself and my experiences with you! I hope this has helped you and I’m sure you’ll hear from me soon!


Alice 🙂


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  1. Incredible, so interesting to read-definitely going to look into this uni! Very well written and youve left me intrigued to know more about Edge Hill Uni life xx

    1. Thank you Eleanor!
      Thank you for getting in touch! I’m so glad you enjoyed it and that it has helped you out!
      Keep posted for similar blogs!
      Alice xxx

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