Student Deals

Hey guys! Being a student has its perks and student discount is definitely one of them. Here are a few wallet essentials…

NUS card

My NUS card is something I could not live without. Examples of discounts are 12% off your railcard, 25% off in Pizza Express and 10% off in Topshop.  Recently, Liverpool One had a full day of the biggest student sales with 30% discounts. Your NUS card will also give you cheaper entry for Wednesday night socials at the SU.

Unidays app

Another way to receive store discounts is by downloading the Unidays app on your phone. Below are some current offers available and there are many more on their website, so get downloading!

Student ID card

On your first day of university you were given your student ID card with your picture and student number. I have made the mistake of forgetting to take it to the SU far too often! You’ll also need this to access and manage your library account when reserving books and taking them out of the library.


Railcards are brilliant for saving money. If you plan on getting the train to university or to visit family and friends, railcards give you discounts of 33%. The 16-25 railcard is £30 per year, or £70 for a 3-year card. Even though the initial cost is a bit pricey, it is worthwhile in the long-run. My railcard has been useful for me to visit my brother down in London… looking back now, I wish I got the 3-year railcard considering the money I have saved!

Thank you for reading… enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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