Contacting Friends at University

It can be hard to keep in contact with friends whilst you are at university. Everyone has so much going on, so arranging time to see one another is near to impossible. Although distance is hard, your friends will understand you have a busy schedule because they are in exactly the same boat!

  1. Who ya gonna call?

When you do have a free moment, try to call a friend. This could be whilst your walking to your next lecture or tidying your flat.

  1. Facetime

Who still uses skype? Or remembers MSN? For some reason, seeing the person your speaking to on screen is something that still excites me – it’s like they’re with you in real life!

  1. The wonders of social media

One reason why I am glad that social media exists, is the chance for communication. I have a few friends currently all around the world for studies and work – America, New Zealand and Spain. By getting constant updates, whether its pictures on Facebook or videos on snapchat, it is nice to see what they’re up to.

  1. Arrange visits

Try to plan ahead and book train tickets in early…they can be quite pricey as you will know! Planning to meet up with a few friends in one place might help reduce costs. Not only do you get to see your friends, it’s the perfect chance to explore new cities! 

  1. The post

If you’re feeling nostalgic, letters through the mail adds a personal touch to your message and it can certainly make someone’s day!

You might get to speak to your friends once a week, or even once a year. Either way, it’s nice to know that they’re only a phone call away! How do you keep in touch with your friends? I hope you’ve had a good first week and enjoy your weekend!

Anna 🙂

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