The Apps you will need at uni!

Hi everyone ๐Ÿ™‚

Today I thought I would help all you new freshers on what apps you definitely should download for when you start university that will be absolute life savers for you!

1. Blackboard

Having this app on your phone will make your life 10x easier as you will receive notifications about when new content is added or if your tutor has sent a message to your class as well as receiving any graded pieces of work. You can access your timetable as well as module handbooks and itโ€™s so easy to use and will you save you so much time as you donโ€™t have to find a computer to use it!

2. Student discount apps

For me, I absolutely love having student discount and it is something I will definitely miss when I graduate next year, so make sure you download UNiDAYS, student beans and you can also purchase an Nus Card in the student unions shop on campus or online. Also, the yo-yo wallet app is great to use around campus as well as you can receive discount for paying with it!

3. Hold

This an app I have come across fairly recently and it is great for students or if you struggle not spending time on your phone! With this app, you basically click the start button and you canโ€™t go on your phone for as long as you want and for every 10 minutes you earn 10 points which when they all add up result in some great prizes included free costa coffees and discounted cinema tickets. Itโ€™s a great way to stop procrastinating if you struggle to concentrate on getting your work done!

4. What Uni

This app is great for those of you who are thinking about coming to uni as it lets you find all the universities in the country that do the course you are interested in and you can compare them to each other side by side, as they have statistics from students about satisfaction, student support, student life, accommodation among a few!

Ellie ๐Ÿ™‚

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