Living Off Campus at EHU – Three things to consider about housing in Ormskirk [Part 2]

Off Campus Living

Living off campus can be a daunting experience. Most first years tend to stay on campus but a growing number choose to stay in off campus houses and flats. Yesterday I gave you 3 very important considerations to take into account when moving to a new home off campus. But what about those of you living at home? I have you covered. Here are 3 more great tips about off campus living at Edge Hill University.

Image result for travelTransport is a massive consideration to make when living off campus. You dont know if that train strike is going to fall right on the day of your exam. Did you know that there are already over 2 weeks of planned disruptions to the rail network at Ormskirk? Make sure you master your transport and plan routes out and backups just in case.

Image result for financeFinances can easily be affected when living at home. For example my finance would decrease by 60% if I decided to live at home opposed to campus or living in Ormskirk town. Make sure you understand all the implications of living at home and how this may affect your financial situation.


Image result for relationshipsFriends are the best and while you are sure to make plenty at University it is important to consider that living at home may mean you miss out on some nightlife activities with students on campus. Getting home at 2 or 3AM is easier when you live on campus. So make sure before you make up your mind you open it to the possibility of missing out on parties.

Living Off Campus at EHU – Three things to consider about housing in Ormskirk [Part 1]

That about sums everything up from me. If you want more advice about accommodation at edge hill you can check out this webpage.

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