Living Off Campus at EHU – Three things to consider about housing in Ormskirk [Part 1]

Off Campus Living

Living off campus can be a daunting experience. Most first years tend to stay on campus but a growing number choose to stay in off campus houses and flats. It can be easy to see cheaper prices as a better deal, or chances to live with your friends more exciting than living with strangers, but it is important to take some time and understand the differences between living on and off campus and consider these three things about off campus living that you may not be aware of.

Image result for time imageTime is important, and living off campus means it takes longer to get to your classes and on campus activities. You might be less likely to join a society or club. But you might find yourself closer to shops, transport and the town centre of Ormskirk. When you are walking back from a night out at 4AM this is important, trust me.

Image result for house or apartmentChoosing the type of accommodation you want to live in is also important. You’re main choices are House, Flat or Student Dorm. A house can usually be shared with a few of your friends, flats are more personal but possibly more expensive and a student dorm is similar to on campus. Research each and take your time before choosing.

Image result for billsBills can soon mount up. Living off campus can leave you open to a range of extra costs. Everything from Electricity to Broadband needs to be paid. Websites, such as uSwitch and GoCompare, can help you find the best deal in your area. It is important to explore all options to find the cheapest price. And make sure to avoid long contracts. You won’t be there all year!

That’s everything for this blog. Stay tuned for Part 2 tomorrow as well as a special blog exploring one of my projects over the summer and how my education at EHU has influenced my work.

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