Clearing is STILL open!

Hi everyone!

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I hope that those of you who received your a level results last week are proud of yourselves no matter your grades! I thought I would make today’s post all about clearing as it wasn’t something I knew really existed until I applied through clearing myself!

I was very undecided about where to go to university until I went to an Edge Hill open day, unfortuantely they no longer ran the course I wanted to do so when results day rolled around I was still thinking about Edge Hill and was adamant I had to go there and as I had nowhere else lined up, clearing was my only option.

I was really nervous as to how it would go as I had no idea what to expect. But it was a really quick and easy process.

I rang the clearing number which is available on the UCAS website and once I was through to them I was asked about some contact details and then you are transferred to the clearing line at your chosen university. Someone will ask you what course you about your results and asks you some other questions and then you are finally put through to a member of the department your chosen course is in.

I spoke to one of the senior lectures in the English department and they just answered some questions and spoke to me about the course and what it entails and then I was accepted to Edge Hill!

The entirety of the phone call wasn’t long at all so it’s not something to get nervous about if you are considering clearing! I hope this helps any of you who are still unsure of what to do!

Ellie 🙂

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