What will University give you?

Hey all, I hope you’re enjoying the end of your Summer!

There are many things that being at Edge Hill has given me, and helped me with, and I bet many of you reading this now would have the same thing happen! I thought I’d talk about a few just to show you how great my time at Edge Hill has been for me and what you might have to look forward to in the future:


The main thing that being at Edge Hill has done for me is increase my confidence massively. There are a lot of things that contributed to this; my course, my teachers, the opportunities I’ve been offered and given, the societies I’ve gotten involved with, traveling to and from the University and living independently to name the main ones!

I do the BA (Hons) in Performing Arts, and I came to Edge Hill knowing that I wanted to be a performer, but not knowing exactly what my potential is. I now know that I have such a wide range of skills at my disposal, from Circus to Physical Theatre, from Naturalism to Melodrama. And not only has my course and my teachers helped me to discover this, but they’ve also helped me to make my use of these skills better, and in turn become more confident as a performer. This has led to me taking the opportunities to perform which have been given to me, such as performing as a part of this and last years’ Circus Intensive week and performing to 4 different audiences each year, performing at Ormskirk’s Gingerbread Festival and teaching children to do circus tricks, and help out with events such as the Human Book Chain, in which I was dressed at a witch and entertaining the helpers with circus tricks!

I joined the Aerial society which is overseen by Inversion Pole Fitness attendees and found a sport I can truly enjoy. It helped me feel confident in myself too! I’ve learnt a skill that I’ve wanted to learn for a few years but never thought I could do.

I never thought I’d be able to cope so well with living independently too, but I’ve started to learn how to cook properly and I can no longer say that I’m anxious I’ll get on a wrong train!


I’ve made some amazing friends during my time here. They’re definitely friends I’ll have for life. Be that through my course, through events I’ve been to or just because I happen to be in Ormskirk/Liverpool!

I never really found making friends easy before University, but it just goes to show how much Edge Hill has helped me, because I find it much easier now!

The Experiences

As I mentioned above, I’ve had some fantastic performance experiences, but I’ve also had some great experiences outside of performing. Campus Life set up an event for students to go to the Manchester Christmas Markets, something which I’d always wanted to go and check out but never managed to, and the past two Christmases I was in with the treat of getting a place on these trips!

I’ve also come to love Liverpool. I come from a small town a short drive between Manchester and Leeds, and those were the only two major cities I’d ever been involved with. But coming to Edge Hill, I’ve not only had the pleasure of living in the lovely town that is Ormskirk, but also completely fallen in love with Liverpool and what it has to offer!

So those are just a few things I’ve found have changed in my life since I started at Edge Hill nearly two years ago now. It’s flown by, but I treasure every moment to this very day and I look forward to spending one more year here. I hope this post has given you some idea of what you might be able to get out of coming here too and if you’re joining us in September, you’ll have a great time, I can guarantee you this!

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