Welcome Week – What To Expect! (Part 3)

(If you’re only just joining the list here, you can find part 1 here and part 2 here!)

Yes, there really IS that much stuff happening during Welcome Week! We’re on Part 3 of this, and we’ve only just hit Thursday! And there’s still numerous more events to go!

Thursday 20th September

Plant For Your Room [Free]

One of the most popular Crafternoons of the year, come and start growing your own plant! Choose which plant you want, and watch it grow throughout the year!

Anime Society Mixer [Free]

Whether you’re an avid Anime fan or wanting to experience it for the first time, come meet the 2018/19 committee, see what they have planned for the year and watch some anime whilst chilling with fellow Anime fans!

Stealing Sheep [Free]

OK, it’s not what it sounds like – Edge Hill does not condone theft of livestock! Coming off the back end of a festival tour, Stealing Sheep bring the Suffragette Tribute – featuring 30 female musicians and dancers – to create a unique display of arts! [Fun fact: the Edge Hill colours are inspired by those used in the Suffragette Movement!]

Roller Skating [Free]

If you’re in the mood for skating and thumping music, then this is the event for you! [It feels like Jet Set Radio, but with less graffiti and more dance moves! Bonus points if you got the reference!]

Friday 21st September

Big Student Resale [Free]

Stock up on anything you could possibly need whilst at Uni – clothes, books, DVD’s, pots – for a low price!

Free Film Friday [Free – are you noticing the theme?]

Once again, FREE FILM – exclusively for EHU students! [Film yet to be announced, join the FFF Facebook group for more info!]

Yoga [Free]

With all the “stress” of Welcome Week so far, you may want to have a relaxing yoga session! Suitable for all.

A Tribute To Cheese And Status [Free pre-9:30 with wristband, £6 otherwise]

One of the BEST C&S tribute acts are heading to the SU to put on a fun-filled event -featuring instruments, MCs and DJs.

…well. I thought this was going to be a 3-part series. But apparently, the SU just LOVE to put events on for Welcome Week! …so…see you for Part 4!

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