What to do with your Summer

Hey all! I hope you’re well! I’ve been enjoying my Summer and getting used to the lie-ins I’ll miss once I have lessons again haha!

Speaking of Summer, Summer can be a really awesome way to get things done that you can’t when you’re focused on your work, be that when you’re going into University or already a University student. There are a few different things that you could do to fully achieve your Summer potential which I thought I’d share with you so that you can make the most of this last month and the next Summer!

  • Get organised: sort your things out! Be that tidying your room or study space, sorting your previous study notes into folders etc, or getting yourself into a rhythm in terms of a sleeping pattern or particular lifestyle habits, Summer is the perfect time to get organised.
  • Check your next year out: it’s always good to have a heads up on what you’ll be studying or what you might be touching on in your next academic year. For example, you’ll find that you get a list of readings and books that you could look at before the year if you wish which are always good to look into. You don’t have to read them all page to page before you arrive, but maybe trying a bit of one or two might be good!
  • Expand your experiences: do things you can’t do whilst you’re studying and do things you’ve never done! I remember last year I helped out with the Ormskirk Gingerbread Festival and taught children how to do circus tricks which I’d never really done before!
  • Spend time with your loved ones: it can be easy to lock yourself away and forget to socialise during Summer, but it’s the perfect time to go for that meal with your old mates, or have a movie marathon with the family.
  • Get some experience in your career path: it’s not all work no play, but maybe getting some work experience or something will help down the line! I’ve been using my Summer to get a few more jobs as a TV extra which will make my performing CV look excellent!
  • And of course- have fun!

So those are just a few things that I find important to try cover during Summer. It really is a time for opportunity!

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