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Here at Edge Hill our students union is so important to us as they do lots of things throughout the year to make our time at Edge Hill the best it can be, so today I thought I would let you know a bit about them and what they do!

Every year student reps are voted for by the students and their job is to look after its students, they have an office based upstairs in the Hub and they basically are there everyday for students to go to for advice whether that be on personal issues, advice and any problems with your studies. They are the student voice of the university and they can air any issues raised by students to members of staff. For example, this year a Subway opened on campus that was requested by students as well as a students union shop that sells lots of cost-effective products from stationery to Edge Hill merchandise and food and drink.

The students union also make sure that you have lots of fun, our VP of activities Dan is always on campus holding events for students and encouraging us to get involved with uni.  For example, book sales, Miss Pap sample sales, the big student clear out. They also hold the freshers’ fair each year in which all the clubs and societies have their own stall and it’s where you can join up as well as inviting lots of outside companies such as Domino’s pizza and Lucozade to provide students with lots of freebies to take home with them!

There is also the students union bar which is located right in the heart of campus. In this building is the Students Union shop, Subway, the laundrette, the bar, Nom takeaway, as well as the Venue in which the weekly social and other club nights are held. The SU bar is great for lunch and dinner and is a great social place as they hold karaoke, Bongos Bingo, and they also organise freshers’ week every year which always has some amazing events from Glitter Parties to DJ sets from Scott Mills and silent discos!

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