Well, this piece was REMARKABLY well-timed, it seems!

To cut a long-story-short, if an Edge Hill event – not even Fresher’s events, just in general – is shown by a Facebook page that is NOT officially endorsed by Edge Hill, it is 100% fake.

For those who are unaware, the Edge Hill SU team are, for the first year ever, running an official Edge Hill Freshers’ Group for the 2018/19 students, which is available here. If you join only ONE Freshers’ group, join this one. I mention this because of a recent story.

I saw a post, not even a few hours ago (see what I meant by “remarkably well-timed”?) that simply said:

Anyone know what’s happening with the Beach Party on the Monday of Freshers’ Week?

Now, this caught me immediately by surprise. Why, you may ask? We have a beach on campus, sure. But a Beach Party? Good luck fitting that many people on! (The beach is relatively small, and we’re not allowed into the water, so… yeah…) Luckily, Luke Myer (One of the Sabbatical Officers of the SU) saw the post and debunked the claim, saying:

Just checked with your VP Activities Dan B – no beach party unfortunately guys, but there is something fun happening Monday night…!

Given Dan is the one organising this stuff, I trust his answer!

So, how can you avoid getting conned with Freshers’ events? Well, here’s 4 simple tips that never go wrong!

  1. If an event is announced before official Edge Hill University channels announce it, assume it’s fake. Once the University announce it, only use the links they post themselves – then you know they are safe!
  2. If an event asks you to pay to attend – whether that be a nightclub or otherwise, although nightclubs tend to ask people to pay for wristbands (apparently. I don’t go out partying, so I wouldn’t know!) – be EXTREMELY cautious about it. If it turns out to be a scam, you won’t be able to claim your money back!
  3. If you join a Freshers’ group not run by Edge Hill Students’ Union (so this one), it is not tied to the University, no matter what they say!
  4. Finally, and I can’t believe I have to say this – but several people I know make this mistake – if you get a Facebook Friend Request from an ACCOUNT (not a page “please like us” notification) called Edge Hill or Edge Hill University… IT. IS. NOT. EDGE. HILL. UNIVERSITY.

So, there are some tips to avoid getting conned leading up to Freshers’ Week and beyond! Stay safe, and keep an eye on Edge Hill University channels to know when legitimate events go live!

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