Living Independently

Hey all, I hope you’re having a fantastic Summer so far and are making use of this beautiful (if overly-exotic!) weather!

One of the things about University that can be nerve-wracking, dependent on whether you’re moving in to Halls/a student house or if you’re moving far from home, is living independently. There are a few reasons this might be; shopping for groceries and necessities, cooking, cleaning and being away from your family and home-based friends. If we went down that list and focus on my life experience before University, I helped with the shopping at home but didn’t have to make sure I had everything on my list considering my dad did that, I had only ever cooked pancakes and egg bread, I didn’t do much cleaning and as I never travelled much I had my family and friends near me. So, the idea of having to look after myself and being away from the people I loved terrified me, especially since I’d also have to travel independently and I’d never done that either!

Now, there’ll be some of you who have just read that and thought ‘how did this girl not do any of the stuff I’ve been doing for years before uni?’, but there’ll also be people reading it and relating. Everyone has different life experiences. The main thing is, though, it’s a life change.

There are ways of dealing with these things though! The independence you get can really help you grow as a person, and it really did for me! The best thing to do is try methods to help with those things, such as writing down things you need as you need them for shopping, cooking with the people you’ll be living with so that you can both help each other and learn things off each other, making sure you don’t isolate yourself and travelling with the friends you make if they’re going in the same direction.

If you start to feel homesick or just need someone to talk to, the University also offer some great wellbeing services. You can speak to one of the Wellbeing team at any time, but they also offer a Counselling service at Milton House, a small student GP just off campus. Milton House offers one to one counselling appointments, both regular and walk-in, and also do things such as Stress-Control courses.

So, there are many different things you can do to help with easing yourself in to living independently. It seems worrying until you actually move there, trust me, you’ll be getting to know your way around and enjoying the Uni life sooner than you think!

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