My favourite places on campus

Hi everyone,

The edge hill campus is beautiful all the time but especially in summer it makes me realise how lucky we are to have such a nice campus so I thought I could share a few of my favourite places on campus!

  1. The red bar

Located in the Arts centre the red bar serves some amazing food and has some really nice seating areas to sit and relax as well as looking into some gardens which would be perfect to sit in and enjoy this summer sun!

  1. The chancellors beach

How many students can say that they’re campus has its own beach! You might see some ducks around as well but it is such a nice part of the campus to relax if you want a holiday in the sun from the comfort of Edge Hill!

  1. The rooftop gardens 

There is two of these on campus one is on the business school and the other in creative edge. Again, a perfect place to enjoy the views of our campus and the surrounding areas. 

I love that our campus has so many nice places!!

Ellie 🙂 

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