Driving to Edge Hill University – 400 miles in 8 hours [Part 2]

Last week I wrote about driving to EHU and gave some tips for what to bring with you and how to get started. Getting started is one thing but actually undertaking the journey is another. So here is another three tips when your on the road. They pretty much translate to any journey.

Image result for citroen c3 speedDrive with your brain.

There is little to no point in driving like you stole your car. Not just because you could crash but because its a long drive. Driving faster reduces your fuel economy and can cause issues with the car itself. Stick to the limit, there are cops too ya know.

Image result for motorway servicesStay alert and take breaks

Services on the motorway are usually frequent and worth stopping at. Don’t bother with fuel, it’s usually far more expensive than the likes of ASDA and Tesco, but coffee and food is alright. Driving can take its toll, especially at night. If you feel tired remember, stop sip and sleep. Stop, sip a coffee and have a nap. If your chronically fatigued the only cure is a good nights sleep.

Image result for android autoBring the music

Finally on the trip make sure you bring some music and entertainment. There is no point in sitting in silence. Its also worth downloading the songs in case you loose signal or run out of data. That’s not fun.

You can read PART 1 of this blog here:

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That its everything for part two of this blog. Over the next few weeks I’ll post more on my trip with in depth photos and advice. And please leave any questions you have for me below. You will get a personal response, fast.

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