How to Maintain Uni Friendships over the Summer

As summer approaches, another academic year draws to an end. As you pack up and start to move on to 2nd year, 3rd year or even graduation, it is important to remember all the friends you have made this year. For some, including myself, you may live very far away from the university and all your friends, which can get you down over the summer. However, distance shouldn’t stop you from keeping in contact and maintaining your new friendships over the summer, which is why today I am going to be telling you some fun ways you can keep in touch with your uni friends this summer

Chatting over video call whether that is FaceTime or Skype, is a great way to keep in contact with your closest uni friend group, as you can talk while physically seeing the other person. Over video call, you can chat play games, and watch movies, which I will talk more about later. And the best part about all of this is the fact that it’s free so everyone can join in.

You probably already have this one, so start putting it to good use! Group chats whether that be over Facebook, Instagram, snapchat or any other social media are a great way to update and chat with all your friends at the same time regardless if they’re online or not. Through Facebook you can share links and posts, Instagram you can share pictures or videos that remind you of them, and with snapchat, you can give them updates of your life through pictures. 

As I mentioned previously, just because you’re away from your friends doesn’t mean you can’t watch movies or play games with them anymore! Regardless of what platform you use, there are many games you can play, whether they be through Xbox, PlayStation or online games. One of my personal favourite online party game is ‘jackbox’, where all the games are played through any online device and anyone can join in the fun. Additionally, watching movies or tv shows with your friends shouldn’t be an issue as you can either set up a video call and press play at the same time on your film, or just message each other over messager as you both watch it.

And finally, if you have the time and spare cash, you can all plan and meet up somewhere near all of you. This may not work out, depending on where all your friends live, however, it is worth the try to see if you can. Additionally, if you can book your train tickets in advance, and/or own a railcard, you could save yourself some money.

Thanks for reading my post, I hope you found it somewhat useful when it comes to staying in touch with all your uni friends over the summer. I hope you have an amazing week.
Until next time!

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