Travelling Tips

Hey all, hope you’ve had a great week and you’re looking forward to the summer you’ve got ahead of you!

As this Uni year has drawn to a close, travelling is the main thing on my mind. I live in West Yorkshire, so by train it’s about 3 hours away from Ormskirk.

Before I came to Edge Hill, I didn’t really travel much, especially not by train. I think I’d been on 2 trains in my life, so travel was one of those things that brought me a lot of nerves when I thought about it. However, after a few trips there and back, I started to get a lot less nervous!

There are a few things that I’ve noticed help when it comes to preparing for travelling, so I thought I’d share these with you:

  • Make a list: listing what you need to take with you before you pack makes life a heck of a lot easier. I’ve found that when I’m packing without a list I tend to forget things, whereas when I have my list I can just grab those things to pack and then pack anything like books and that that I want rather than need for travelling.
  • Keep your tickets in the same place: this one seems obvious, but there’s been times that I haven’t done this and let’s just say there’s nothing worse than coming up to a train station ruffling through your wallet finding the correct train ticket. I guess it comes as a second point of this that you should bin old tickets, cause it can get confusing!
  • Give yourself time: if you’re getting multiple trains like I do, make sure you give yourself enough time between the trains. Even if you’re just changing platforms, it’s much easier and nicer to wait than rush across a train station.
  • Off-Peak: if you’ve got a big suitcase, it’s much easier to go for off-peak times, and avoid lunch and the times when people will be travelling to and from 9-5 jobs. You’ll get a hang of when these times are the more you travel, but it’s a good thing to keep an eye on to begin with.

So those are just a few things that I’ve found help ease my nerves. I hope these tips help anyone who is reading this!

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