Thinking of Starting Driving Lessons?

The summer after sixth form, I began to have driving lessons in the hope that I would pass before starting university. Many of you might also have the same idea so I thought I would share a few handy tips that helped me!

  1. Buy/borrow the CD

Before your theory test, use the official DVSA hazard perception and theory test DVD/CD. I can’t stress enough how much these helped me! It allows you to practice the test which is EXACTLY the same as your actual theory test – even the questions provided. Even if you find it difficult to remember every single answer to the question, it might help you feel more comfortable when actually taking the test. I certainly did as I knew what to expect on the screen…especially the stray sheep on hazard perception! If you’d rather not buy a brand new one, you can borrow from a friend (mine wasn’t the most recent version but still worked great!).

  1. Trust your instincts

At first, I struggled to overcome natural hesitation as a driver. Hesitating can be as dangerous as careless driving! If in DOUBT, stay OUT. I.e. if you think you can’t fit through a gap between an oncoming vehicle and a parked car… don’t try!

  1. Don’t let other people pressure you

One of the BEST tips anyone can give to you is to stay calm. Even with my P plates (curtesy of my dad) drivers automatically got frustrated at the sight of a new/learner driver. Remember that you’re bound to get beeped multiple times, but better that than risking a crash!

  1. Enjoy it!

Most of all, try to enjoy the new responsibility! The thought of being let loose on the roads might scare you at first… but it’s definitely an exciting step to adulthood, and a worthwhile one!

I wish you the best of luck! Anna 🙂

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