Teacher Tips

  1. IKEA

One of the most exciting things about becoming a newly qualified teacher for me, is the chance to create and decorate my own classroom! I am already thinking about my future reading corner, the organisation of desks, the stationery pots, the book shelves and other resources…BUT one main issue is money since everything has a cost. However, shops like IKEA are the perfect place to buy reasonable and good quality products which are perfect for a primary school classroom. Maybe you can organise a group trip to IKEA with your teacher friends!

  1. TES / Teaching ideas / Twinkl

As you all know, being a teacher involves a whole LOT of planning and evaluating. Luckily, there are lots of fantastic resources available online to help. My favourite is TES (Times Educational Supplement), as it is completely free and has thousands of wonderful ideas for lessons across every subject, in addition to assessment methods and tracking pupil progress. I don’t know why I have only just discovered TES this year… but better late than never!

  1. Talk to others

By talking to the people around you and asking for advice, it can help to give you different perspectives – whether it’s from parents or teachers. Even by asking your parents questions about your time at primary school, it might open your eyes to the perspective of parents and the importance of communication within the school environment.

Thanks for reading… I hope you enjoy the rest of this beautiful weather!

Anna 🙂

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